Modulus Lowering Kit
What are Modulus Lowering Links?

On vehicles with Air or Hydraulic Suspension, there are Ride Height Sensors affixed to the frame of the vehicle. Each sensor is connected to the suspension system by a short linkage called a Sensor Arm. The stock sensor arms or "links" are of fixed length and move with the suspension. They establish the position of the sensor which indicates to the computer what height the vehicle should be sitting at.

Modulus Lowering Links replace the stock sensor arms with Fully Adjustable Aluminum Links. When shortened or extended, they change the voltage sent to the computer by the sensor. The computer then evaluates the ride height to be higher than the factory setting and compensates by lowering the vehicle.

Electronic Modules are expensive and limit the heights that your vehicle can be dropped. They often have to be hard wired which may lead to factory warranty issues. Worst of all, lowering module installations are difficult and costly to reverse. Professional shops charge anywhere from $300-$400 to reverse the wiring associated with the module installation and we have seen lowering modules fail after only a few years. Modulus Lowering Links at the stock length places your vehicle at the stock height; the standard/reverse thread design allows you to adjust the links on the vehicle for easy and infinite height adjustment. Modulus Lowering Links require no wiring or modifications, they cost a fraction of what lowering modules can and take only around an hour to install. You really do achieve the best of both worlds with the Modulus Lowering Links kit!